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Dylan Ari Gems

Stress Relief Box

Stress Relief Box

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This stress relief box is the perferct gift for yourself or a loved one who is experiencing a stressful time in their life. This box holds all the essentials to calm you in a natural way.

Pink Himalayn bath rock: a powerful stress detoxifer, just add one to a soothing bath and feel the stress mely away.

Amethyst Crystal: promotes peace, stability, and meditation

Rose Quartz Heart Crystal: the most well known crystal for self love, one must love themselves to achieve peace within

Gemstone Bracelet with infuser bead: the gemstones can be a suprise or you can choose one that you are drawn to. AAA quality gemstones, with one infuser bead for you to drop an essential oil on. Feel the stress leave your body with this amazing aroma all day.

DoTerra essential oil: use this Lavender oil for all things calming. Just add a drop to your infuser bead  to prepare for a calming day. you can also wear this at bedtime to promote a restful nights sleep.

* Gemstones Bracelet and essential oil can be paired to your needs

may be returned within 30 days unopened

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