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Hello Gems,

Before I tell the story about how Dylanari gems got started, I want to say thank YOU for reading my story and for visiting my Gemstore. This isn't about me, rather its about you and how your energy can be shifted by styling with Gemstones.

Gemstones changed my stars and now it my mission to help you change yours, by being insiping, earthy and chic to not only yourself but to all that surround you.

Ok about me: I am a mom of 4 kiddos and I work out of my garage, yup I bead all day in my garage. By beading journey began 7 years ago, I was super stressed out and one of my closest friends said "your getting out of the house and were going into the city to take a Mala class" I honestly had no idea what a Mala was and I certainly did not want to take a class or go out. But, everything happens for a reason, and I found out within one hour of me being in this class. when we walked in, I felt like in was in a zen garden, it was full of people but beyond peaceful, candels and meditation were involved. Then these packets of gemstones and string were given to us, I had picked Opal, which landed on my heart in a big way. I was trying to keep up with the class, got my string tied in all the wrong knots, and my zen was slipping away. This amazing teacher calmly came over to me and said, "take a breath you got this". That was a defining moment for me and before I knew it I made the most beautiful Mala.

These Gemstones and the art of making a mala, brought me inner peace and I was a "little" hooked on this craft. It brought me the peace that I needed at that exact moment in my life. It made me a calm mamma, so I started to explore other Gemstones and how they can shift a persons energy. When I realized that this energy can be passed along to other people, that is when Dylanari gems was born.

I chose the name Dylanari gems, after the two girls that have taught me more about life than anyone else has. My daughters, Dylan and Ari. I also have two boys, Max and Justin who have taught me how to love, go after you dreams and make magic out of your life. They are all my inspiration, they made me realize that the impossible was possible.

Thank you so much for reading my story  and checking out my Gems


Michelle B. Steiner


Michelle Steiner: A Creative Force Bringing Magical Vibes to Your Life Through Gemstones and Crystals

Michelle Steiner is a talented jewelry designer and Pinterest strategist making waves in the industry. Her jewelry line, Dylanari Gems, is all about showcasing the natural beauty of gemstones and empowering women to feel confident and inspired. Michelle’s commitment to creating beautiful and meaningful pieces has made her one of the most sought-after designers in the industry.

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