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Ocean Treasure Necklace

Ocean Treasure Necklace

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Larimar is one of the most sought out gemstones. It's a rare blue stone that comes from the Dominican Republic. It's color can vary from a whitish blue with a hint of green and some can even hold a dark blue hue.

Larimar is known as the gemstone of clear communication. With the sky and the sea feeding this stone, it's no wonder what gives it this calming effect.

Larimar birth place is from the volcanic spurts of the Dominican Republic, which gives it a touch of fire to enlight the soul, whic is a beautiful balance of  fire and sea energy.

Surrounding this magnificent piece of Larimar are a brillance of Selenite gemstones.

Selenite is named after the Greek Goddess of the moon, hence it's glimmering pearl like appearence.

Selenite is good for shifting negative energy into positive energy. Selenite is a very delicate stone, which is a good reminder that we should be gental on ourself and allow us grace during our lifes journey.

This peaceful necklace is handcrafted with the highest quality gemstones and are hugged together with fine hand knotted silk.

Not only is this a calmimg piece, but a show stopper as well. It can be worn with jeans and a tee or black tie attterire, but most importantly is the calming effect it has on those who wear it and those who you surround yourself with.

*it measures 16"

may be returned within 30 days unopened

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