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Grow Love Box (the fertility kit)

Grow Love Box (the fertility kit)

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This box contains all the tools that I used when I was trying to get pregnant, and was told that I couldn't. Crystals, oils and mediation helped change my mindset, and now I'm offering it to you.

This special box contains:

1. Citrine point: Citrine, is associated with positivity and optimism, and is often used to assist in manifesting. It awakens the solar plexus chakra

2. The fertility bracelet: so that positive energy can be transmitted into you at all times

3. dylanari special blend of castor oil and lavender, to place on your stomach

4. a crystal dream catcher

5. a piece of wool flannel to use with the special oil blend

6. a special pouch of Lavender

7. a handcrafted "love grows" wooden box

8. written instructions of how to use everything in this box

all you need is hope, meditation music and the promise to never give up

* now accepting pre orders


* the items in this box will NOT get you pregnant, however they will help prep your body and clear your mindset. Crystals carry an energy that can assist that energy into you, to help manifest, change the negative to a positive and open you up to new beginnings.

* please consult with a medical doctor if you are having a challenge with your fertility.

may be returned within 30 days unopened

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