3 best crystals to enhance your sex life. Rose Quartz, Larimar,and Ghost Amethyst. crystals and gemstone jewelry made from these crystals to take into the bedroom.

The 3 best Crystals to enhance your sex life

Looking to add a little spice to that sauce? Good by batteries and rechargers, HELLO Crystals. Yup thats right, crystals just may be the answer your looking for to spice up your sex life.

Let's skip the fluff and get right into the down and dirty of how crystals can steam up those windows.

What you can do with these 3 Crystals in the bedroom ,kitchen counter, back seat of a car, you pick the place and I'll tell ya the crystal.

1st- Rose Quartz: the ultimate Love stone, ditch the clothes and drape yourself with Rose Quartz Gemstone Jewelry. wearing nothing but a big Rose Quartz heart on your chest, is going to show your partner that your all in with your love. malas are kinda fun for this because they will lay themselves right between your chest, and they are long enough to be used for other things as well, hmmm, I'll laeve that up to your imagination.



Another tip for Rose Quartz, before we move on, is get a piece of raw Rose Quartz, I personally suggest, a single point or double point piece. Wrap it in a warm towel to bring out the heat. After a few sweet kisses, gently start at the crown, and trace little hearts with one end of the Rose Quartz (stay away from the eyes), and then slowly work your way down. but please don't insert the Rose Quartz into anything with a hole. Be intentional with your movement and don't forget to say "I love you".

2nd- Larimar: The stone of fire and sea. I can't think of a better way to bring on the heat and then float in it and turn it back up again. Larimar is birthed in the volcanic origins of the DR. So, it has the equal balance of fire and sea water.

Keep a little something on as a teaser, honestly, nothing is hotter than a very low cut white thin tee with the sleeves cut off. Put on a Larimar Necklace or bracelet, your partner will be mezmorized with this stone. Use eye contact but always bring their attention back to the stone, and have them get lost in it. The blues, whites and browns of this stone will give a feeling of floating in the ocean. Hands off for now, just love each other with your eyes. Move the Crystal to the places you want to focus on. This could go on for a while, so just enjoy each other and don't forget the "I love you" while your doing this. Go slow and feel the passsion.

3rd- Ghost Amethyst: now you may be thinking that Amethyst is just for relaxation, which it is, how ever, Ghost Amethyst is a very different breed of the Amethyst family. it's almost translucent but with a very rich hues of purples, browns and and clear stones. This is what makes it a very mysterious stone. Remember don't reveal all your tricks at once, a little mystery is a good thing.

Drape yourself with Ghost Amethyst and maybe wear a little something Lavender. Oh and you can also infuse the stones with Lavender oils. Remember this is a relaxing crystal, and thats exactly what you want, to relax and enjoy the beauty of one another while using this Crystal. Caress each other with the stones, slowly and loving. Rub your hands over the crystal beads to heat up your hands and then transfer that energy over to your partners skin, become one with the energy. Oh ya , dont forget the "I love you"

Now stop reading, head over to the shopping tab, grab yourself some Crystals and Gemstone Jewelry and go have fun, and share this with anyone you know who needs to spice things up.



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