February Love

February Love

Most people think of February as a time for love. I agree with that, but just a different kind of love. when February rolls around I check in with myself and measure my self love. which in my opinion is the most important kind of love. If you don't love yourself, then who is going to love on you?

I'll never forget when I was in high school, on Valentines Day the school would sell red roses and all the boys would buy them for "their girl", well I never got a red rose and at the time it crushed me. I dreaded going to school on February 14th.

I felt as if I was broken, and to some degree I was, but I blamed everyone else for my lack of a red rose. it took me years to realize why I didn't get a rose, which was I had no confidence, I didn't think I was pretty and I had no self love. ahhh how I wish i could go back in time and knock some sense into that girl.

It took me many years, and I mean many to find love for myself, and it all started with holding a Rose Quartz gemstone, someone gave it to me and told me I would find a partner, someone to buy me a red rose. well at the time a man didn't walk into my life,I DID and wow, I cant believe how many good years were wasted.

About ten years later, I met my husband and we have four amazing children. I realized that my years were not wasted because, it was a gift to give to my children, to let them know that they are beautiful, confident and to always love themselves first, (not to be mixed up with being self centered). 

When I first met my husband he tried to buy me red roses on Valentines day  but told him, I GOT THIS! Not only do I have this, but every Monday I buy myself flowers and they are the best flowers ever.

So today, please go out and buy yourself some flowers & Rose Quartz, and receive them the way that you deserve to, as the most  beautiful , confident women that you are.

"never done giving gems"

Michelle Beth

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