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Chakra Bracelet

Chakra Bracelet

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There are seven points from root to crown that are the veins to our energy flow. These seven points are called chakras, and when they are blocked, energy can not flow to those energy points.

The word Chakras comes from the ancient Sanskrit word "wheel"

The goal is to keep those chakras open, so that you can focus, be open to new opportunity and living our life to the highest vibration.

The seven Chakras are: 

1. Base-Red Jasper

2. sacral- Carnelian

3. Solar plexus-Citrine

4. Heart-Malachite

5. Throat-Blue Lace Agate

6 .Brow-Lapis Lazuli

7. Crown-Amethhyst

This seven Chakras bracelet was designed to open all of your Chakras, using AAA Gemstones that include all the pairing crystals  one needs to open up your seven points so that you can live a well balanced life and handel any challenges that come your way.

may be returned within 30 days unopened

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