The best crystal for stress and anxiety

The best crystal for stress and anxiety

With the ever changing world around us, comes stress and anxiety. It can follow us to our work place, our home, school, and simply day to day challenges.

Stress can be very debilitatiing, but fear not there are many ways and tools to use in our everyday practice to combat stress and anxiety.

But, first we must define our stress:

Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thougt that makes you feel frustrated, angery or nervous.

There are two main types of stress:

1. Acute: this is a short term stress, that can go away quickly. It a type of stress that can happen when an emotion of doing an act can cause a feeling of fear, excitement or when we are in danger

2. chronic stress:this type of stress can last long term. If we have a trobled marriage, chronic illness, money issues and the world around us.

Despite which one is your kind of stress, there are tools that can help relive these stresses. some examples are meditation, walks in nature, quiet time, being aware of triggers of stress, and shifting our mindset. Along side of these tools, crystals are a great way to add a bonus to these tools.

Lets tak about the history of crystals before we dive into the best one for stress and anxiety, 

Crystals date back at least 5000 years, when the Ancient Sumerians (4th millennium BC) who included crystals in their magic formulas. crystals were (and still are) used in chinese medicine. They can also be dated back to Ancient Greece and Rome. The 1st crystals ever to be discovered on Earth were Zircon crystals, they most likely formed in craters leftby violent asteroid impacts.

So, lets get at it, which is the best crystal to assist with stress or anxiety.


I must first state, that crystals are not a replacement for traditional therapies and techniques of course, but they do offer a powerful energy that can be transmitted into you and redirect your energy, making a state of calming energy.

There are many crystals that can help calm the mind so that you can have a more peacful day and restful sleep. lack of sleep can also assist is stress. without my Zees i'm just no fun the next day. For some reson all of our worries come to surface at night, when we are supposed quiet our minds. I will get into crystals for sleep at another time, but they do go hand in hand.

My all time most effective crystal for stress is amethyst. It is a calming crystal that can easiy be worn as a piece of fashion Jewelry or carried in your pocket, for you to touch when you start to feel the stress comming on.

wearing a piece of Amethyst, is the easiest way to make sure that you have it on your body at all times. people may think its just a stunning piece of jewelry, but little do they know that it's helping you keep your stress down by transmitting it's calming energy state into your negative stressful state.

Amethyst, holds the highest calming energy there is, it can help balance the stresses of everyday life. By placing this crystal in your home or on your body is works togeter with your third eye, opening it up to a higher calming sensation.


in conclusion, if your feeling stressed out or anxious, try placing a piece of Amethst, next to you, hold it while meditating or wear as a piece of magical jewelry. Of course, if your anxiety is hindering your daily functions, please consult with your health care provider.

peace out and have the most relaxing day ever and feel free to check out our amazing amethst colllection at dylanarigems.


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